By Using Dynamic Data Framework, we can Implement Complex and Productive apps in the shortest amount of time and most client first features


With our first Model for Real Estate Already online we are Moving to grow in all of the virtual market, adding more models for public services

Hard Work

With our highly trained staff of employee’s tech and managers we are able to create any project with high quality and assured customer satisfaction

This Web App allows users to add Properties for sale or rent with the addition of each Required details and then display directly and keep track of the real estate to reach the largest number of people

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Our Team

The People Responsable of the company and production

Muhammad Altabba


Muhammad Mazen Hafez

Full Stack Developer

Qamar Alzaman Hafez

Creative director
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Project Highlights

To provide a noble service to society by collecting the waste vegetable oil and send to biodiesel plants, soap factories, and different other industries, which contributes to maintaining a clean and healthy environment and helps in cutting down on the natural resources consumption.

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Arabic Morphological Analyzer and Expert Part-Of-Speech Tagger The Core of a Framework for Arabic Language Proccessing as an Expert System

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Construction contracts for hotels ,offices fronts

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